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+5 Chris Headhouse · May 18, 2014
Hello, Chris here!
I am a 19 year old student, I live in Sweden, I study the IT-programme on a gymnasium in Sweden including a bunch of courses such as web development, computer science, C++ programming, computer networking,  micro-computer technology and more.
On my free-time, l'm picking up some Java, SQL, php and all sorts of languages, most of them and most of what I have learned in the world of programming have been straight from Bucky's youtube channel, I've learned so much from the channel and I am forever grateful towards Bucky and everybody in this community!

Enough of me now, introduce yourselves too!

Regards, Chris.

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+2 name family · May 19, 2014
Hey friend !
Welcome ! 
we hope you have enjoyable moments here ! 
keep going ! you will become a gr8 human on the Computer Science for sure ! 
Good Luck ;)
0 Chris Headhouse · May 19, 2014
Thank you very much! :)
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