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0 Mukul Soni · October 3, 2014
Hello ! 
Is it compulsory to learn C language before starting Java Script. 
Please tell me because I want to learn Java Script not C. . . 
I don't wanna waste my time on C. 

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+1 gerben b · October 3, 2014
I don't think it is.

But do you mean Javascript or Java? Because they are different.
I am learning Java right now without much knowledge of C.
+1 muo mexy · October 9, 2014
 Java script is for web designig and has nothing to do with no knowlege of C. so you can skip C.
0 Mukul Soni · October 9, 2014
Thanks guys thank you so much because in my location every institute faculties told me to do C before javascript.
And I really don't want to waste my time on C. That's why I asked from you all.
Thanks guys :)
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