Please Upload Video About Faucet

0 uzairaziz Qureshi · October 2, 2014
Hey Bucky I want To Make My own Free Online Bitcoin Faucet With Microwallet But I can't Understand my SQL And Other Functions Please Upload Video About Faucet Making Thanx In Advance..

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0 uzairaziz Qureshi · October 12, 2014
Can You make me a faucet Or learn me how can I make it I will pay you for this Please ...
0 Eugene Botma · October 12, 2014
Before i answer your question, I want to make sure you understand what a bitcoin faucet is and how it works. So please, explain to me what you understand a faucet is and why you want to operate one.
0 uzairaziz Qureshi · October 13, 2014
I using Other Faucets & I know bitcoin faucets & I have advertising Network Ads So I want Make Money From Advertising Network So I want My Own bitcoin faucet  If you have any idea of making bitcoin Faucet So Please Learn Me I will Pay You For This......
0 Eugene Botma · October 15, 2014
I'm going to decline this. Based on your answer, you don't seem to understand how a faucet works, how much work is required to run one and how much traffic you need before it can be operated profitably.

Work through buckys php and mysql tutorials and read the bitcoin documentation. You should be able to make your own faucet then.
0 Paul Bursu · November 23, 2014
Hey Uzairaziz, i'm the owner of DanceFaucet. 

I started out by working with this starter code of a faucet.

Good luck. :)
0 Eugene Botma · October 10, 2014
Maybe you should work through the MySQL and (i'm assuming) php tutorials? That should help you understand how the faucet works
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