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+1 Pedro Alves · September 30, 2014
I know this might be a bit (or a lot) off-topic but I would like to know where I can host my website.For testing, I have been using Byethost, but they don't offer domains and the website is constantly going down (:() . I was only using it because it was free, but now I want to put it online. I am looking for a cheap hosting, that offers me at the least 2 domains (for the same account) and at the least 5 emails for each domain. I also want the domains to be like .com or .net. I want it to support basically everything useful in the internet (like PHP, Apache, MySQL). I also can't pay more than 5$/month. What host should I use?

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0 Pedro Alves · October 25, 2014
Thanks! I will check out awardspace! It looks like I forgot 000webhost's password, and I no longer have that email! So, I might make a new account but I am too lazy for that,
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