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+1 Pedro Alves · September 30, 2014
I know this might be a bit (or a lot) off-topic but I would like to know where I can host my website.For testing, I have been using Byethost, but they don't offer domains and the website is constantly going down (:() . I was only using it because it was free, but now I want to put it online. I am looking for a cheap hosting, that offers me at the least 2 domains (for the same account) and at the least 5 emails for each domain. I also want the domains to be like .com or .net. I want it to support basically everything useful in the internet (like PHP, Apache, MySQL). I also can't pay more than 5$/month. What host should I use?

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0 Pedro Alves · October 25, 2014
Thanks! I will check out awardspace! It looks like I forgot 000webhost's password, and I no longer have that email! So, I might make a new account but I am too lazy for that,
0 Alejandro Garcia · October 24, 2014
I would deffinitely go for either:

awardspace has an immediate support. They have a free option...
It is pretty sweet. They just limit you in the number of sub-domains
and data bases.

And 000WebHost is the same as 24Host or something like that,
which happens to be the number one right now... But, 000webhost
is free. 

HostGator, in my experience, sucks... They have a TERRIBLE support,
while the others go beyond the line to help you. Specially awardspace.
If I am switching from awardspace it is only cause I need to host more than
10 domains.

 I hope I was helpful :)
0 Pedro Alves · October 23, 2014
I don't want free host, they have limited... err.. what the heck is the name? Oh, bandwidth. Also, they don't offer free domain (actually they do, but I need to use their ugly subdomains). Also, I have used 000webhost before and my websites were going down after about a day. That was a bug, but I don0t really know why I would come back if I want a .com or .net. Same with 1freehosting.com. Also, I think I'm gona pick hostgator. That looks awesome XD
+1 HyJax LTD · October 22, 2014
How confident are you of a web programmer?

That will determine the service you need more than anything.

Are you going to require some support and care along the way?

Are you looking to host a personal page or a more public style venue?

If your very confident of what you do, any of the vendors above will be great choices as you research to your own needs.

If your starting out, or re-learning like me, you might need some major support offerings; like GoDaddy and BlueHost.

So that's what I would ask.
0 James Dada · October 22, 2014
try out www.1freehosting.com  its totally free and its efficient.
+2 Nathan Lloyd · October 4, 2014
Why don't you go with a VPS? They offer vast improvements to performance and you can host as many websites as you want, including setting up an email server and things like that. 

I personally use DigitalOcean, because they have great support and articles that show you how to do everything. 

If you use this link (https://www.digitalocean.com/?refcode=8020d9512372), you will get $10 free credit, which means you can get 2 free months hosting.
+1 Pieter Moens · October 3, 2014
I personaly use http://www.000webhost.com and I'm pretty happy about their services.
0 Samuel Oloruntoba · October 1, 2014
0 Pedro Alves · October 1, 2014
Ill check those out. I will just see if I can find any other host, if not, I will probably pick the one I find better
0 Ibrahim Tuzlak · September 30, 2014
Also, http://www.bluehost.com
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