Who Can Help Me Fix This??

0 Godspower Onedo · September 30, 2014
A Friend of mine left this Forum Script for me, but he could't get the full sql, so its now having lots of error, i don't just know were to start from in fixing the bugs.. Demo script at : www.toobam.tk

#admins sorry for posting links.

Please Who Can help me fix it?? Comment so i message you, thanks.

Edited: ... Thanks Guys some of the sql tables, columbs that was lost have restore them now.. But am still facing some error, gona post link to files now thanks

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0 Godspower Onedo · October 6, 2014
Pls someone should help me.
0 Godspower Onedo · September 30, 2014
@Kai Alt, thanks for your reply.. Please so what are saying now, because am not too good at PHP and am ready to learn thats while am here, like i said earlier, when he was using the script everything was working fine, but he later left web, and now he could't find the complete sql file becoz he lost his backup.. So please so i can i fix the whole bugs at the site now..?? Thanks again.
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