Who Can Help Me Fix This??

0 Godspower Onedo · September 30, 2014
A Friend of mine left this Forum Script for me, but he could't get the full sql, so its now having lots of error, i don't just know were to start from in fixing the bugs.. Demo script at : www.toobam.tk

#admins sorry for posting links.

Please Who Can help me fix it?? Comment so i message you, thanks.

Edited: ... Thanks Guys some of the sql tables, columbs that was lost have restore them now.. But am still facing some error, gona post link to files now thanks

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0 Godspower Onedo · October 12, 2014
Owk friends let me get the gv link to the sql and the home.php code
0 Samuel Oloruntoba · October 12, 2014
send it
0 Ron Butcher · October 12, 2014
You are getting that error because your SQL query is not completing properly.  There could be a hundred reasons why, but without seeing your code, we cannot tell you what that is.  

My recommendation would be modify your query statement to add the 'or die' statement after it:  $mysqli->query('query statement here') or die(mysqli_error());

This will kill the page when the query runs and print out the error that is causing the query to not complete properly.  You can use this information to find the problem and fix it.
0 Godspower Onedo · October 9, 2014
Who can help me fix it?? So i email him the full script and the sql file i have.. Thanks friends.
0 muo mexy · October 9, 2014
Check the sql, make sure the database tables and colums refered to exists, if you don't find the problem, then post the code
0 Maciej Grabowski · October 8, 2014
Ask your friend to give us a look at the code where the error occurs, without we can't tell you anything else than what the error message is displaying. Also encourage your friend to use PDO interface to access the database in php.
0 Samuel Oloruntoba · October 7, 2014
just paste a little of the code, maybe between lines 150 and 200 so we can at least have something to work with
0 Pieter Moens · October 7, 2014
We can't really help you without having the .php file. We need to take a look at your code to spot the errors.
0 Godspower Onedo · October 6, 2014
@Diego, the error is from the missing tables and sql.
0 0x13a _ · October 6, 2014
Please post home.php code !!
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