Who Can Help Me Fix This??

0 Godspower Onedo · September 30, 2014
A Friend of mine left this Forum Script for me, but he could't get the full sql, so its now having lots of error, i don't just know were to start from in fixing the bugs.. Demo script at : www.toobam.tk

#admins sorry for posting links.

Please Who Can help me fix it?? Comment so i message you, thanks.

Edited: ... Thanks Guys some of the sql tables, columbs that was lost have restore them now.. But am still facing some error, gona post link to files now thanks

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0 muo mexy · October 9, 2014
Check the sql, make sure the database tables and colums refered to exists, if you don't find the problem, then post the code
0 Godspower Onedo · October 9, 2014
Who can help me fix it?? So i email him the full script and the sql file i have.. Thanks friends.
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