Confuse in Mac or Windows ???

+1 Erp Eight · September 30, 2014
Well i am going to buy a laptop but i am confuse to use which OS Mac or Windows. I used windows previously. Please help me.....

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+1 Developer John · October 1, 2014
The new Windows 9 is a combination of Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 8,1. If I were you, I would stick with what you have right now until next year. When Windows 9 is released, buy a computer from Dell (since they have great processors) and check to see if there is Windows 9 on the computer. Do some research, you wont be so confused lol.   8-)
+2 Sheena Torno · October 1, 2014
Agree with John, a new OS is expensive and you don't wanna buy a brand new OS and then a few months after the newest version will be out in the market. Besides, Windows 8/8.1 has a lot of bugs I'm telling you. I work at Microsoft Tech and lots of customers are complaining about Windows 8/8.1. You dont wanna know just how much of them said Windows 8 is the worst Operating System created, ever. XD LOL.
+1 Erp Eight · October 1, 2014
Thanks to all guys who replied me. I m gonna wait for some more time for windows 9.
By the way i saw the first person to say windows 8 is the worst OS :-P :-) :-D
0 Buddy Blackford · October 2, 2014
ASUS also makes great PC's
0 Developer John · October 2, 2014
Yes, but not as great as Dell.8-)
0 Buddy Blackford · October 2, 2014
actually they make better than Dell  :P
0 Developer John · October 2, 2014
Bruh, Alienware sucks.8-)
0 Buddy Blackford · October 2, 2014
No they don't.  They are just overly expensive because they look cool.  Unless you are joking around you don't know what you are talking about.
0 Developer John · October 2, 2014
Yes, I am joking, but there are better pc's for the money.;)
0 Buddy Blackford · October 2, 2014
i thought you may have been lol :)

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