Confuse in Mac or Windows ???

+1 Erp Eight · September 30, 2014
Well i am going to buy a laptop but i am confuse to use which OS Mac or Windows. I used windows previously. Please help me.....

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-1 Godspower Onedo · September 30, 2014
I use window's 8 ?? Or what do you mean?
0 Developer John · September 30, 2014
Are you saying you're going to be confused if you switch Operation Systems? If so, I switched from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8.1 since my laptop was a potato. If you have a Windows 8.1 computer that is touch screen, you'll like it a lot more than Windows 7 Home Premium. My new laptop is an Inspiron 11 3000 series quad core processor 2-in-1 Intel computer.
0 Buddy Blackford · September 30, 2014
there's no difference really.  Macs just cost more and have a slightly different interface.
+1 Çağlan Turgut · September 30, 2014
You can still install Windows on a Macintosh with Bootcamp with a little loss of performance. If you really like OS X you can do it that way but there's really  nothing really special about OS X and there are more programs / "games"  written for Windows.

PS.Really? W?ndows or Mac OS X?! I mean there is Linux :) :D..
0 Developer John · September 30, 2014
Bruh Linux sucks, no offense. :D
0 Çağlan Turgut · September 30, 2014
I know :D.Just kidding.. Also how many laptops come with a pre-installed Linux Distro? Linux doesn't meet all the needs of an average user. I see it as a second OS besides Windows/OS X :).
+1 Source Slayer · October 1, 2014
Linux is not an "operating system," it's a kernel. Linux itself sees more use than Windows or Mac OS X combined. Also, having a laptop with Linux alone, would be different than you might expect. There are various operating systems based on Linux, filling different purposes. I personally experienced a much easier time teaching my grandfather to use Ubuntu Precise Pangolian than to use Windows 7, and Red Hat would probably be more appropriate for servers. Your phones likely use a Linux-based operating system as well.

EDIT: To the original poster, use whatever you prefer. Quite honestly, I think we're having difficulty understanding your question, you're asking whether or not you should use a mac or windows machine, go to an apple store an try a mac. Go to another computer store that carries windows and try it out there, see what you prefer, after all, it's not really up to us to decide.
+1 Erp Eight · October 1, 2014
I know thats up to me but i need a second opinion now i think i should stay on windows
-1 Sheena Torno · October 1, 2014
Up to you, but  the new Windows 9 will be released next year!
0 Erp Eight · October 1, 2014
Confuse again :-D :-D :-D

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