+1 devil apple · September 29, 2014
Hello everyone!!

I am kinda psyched to be here going through the forums to find so much information.

Well its all good, but I need to prioritize what I need now since I started from web designing its idiotic to jump to programming.

Anyways back to problem at hand, I would appreciate if anyone here has already created a tutorial on image galley slider ( i hope i didn't confuse you all). Its basically to put in multiple pictures with a attractive slide option like a previous and next button instead of a big scroll bar to the side of the images.

Also I have seen articles in relation to slider which is kinda like marquee but that is not what i am looking for. I am looking for a slider where only 1 picture is displayed and the next picture will appear on click of a button ( previous button and next button.)

If anyone know of an article they have read or a video tutorial about the image slider to kindly paste the links of the same in this post.

Many thanks in advance.

Good Day.

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0 Ray LeDuc · October 2, 2014

     I'm not sure if this is what your looking for but you can probably edit it to suit your neeeds. 
0 devil apple · October 10, 2014
Hello Ray,

But i think you kinda forgot to mention the link or something.

0 Pieter Moens · October 13, 2014
I think this is the info you were searching for :

Kind regards,
Pieter Moens
0 H C · October 13, 2014

I, too, have been looking for slideshow code. I finally found some with a nice layout at this website:

The thing is, I am not sure if the code works or if I am simply not doing it right because I have yet to get it to work properly. If you can get it to work let me know!

H. C.
0 Phillip Drake · October 14, 2014
Bootstrap 3 offers a carousel image slider that I believe is exactly what you need.  Check it out here:  You will find the carousel in the list on the right side of the screen.  Good luck!
0 Ray LeDuc · October 14, 2014
I apologizes for the delayed response, I have been looking for the post I had referenced and have been un able to find. 

If I come across again I will let you know.
0 devil apple · October 21, 2014
Thanks Pieter Moens , H C , Phillip Drake and Ray LeDuc  for all you help in this matter.

Pieter Moens :- i am still learning php so not so confident with those codes, but can you help me out as to what codes that i need to input in my html to include the code that you have provided.

Phillip drake :- the bootstrap was the first thing i got while searching the net, but there are too many codes and it feels like ages going through all of them and make them adapt to my needs.

H C :- hey its the same for me too, it ain't working for me either. I assume the javascript is the problem area, not sure which line though.

Ray :- its ok but do let me know once you come to it.

Since the css wasn't working i took the same thing to flash and made a simple slider which i have included in my website.

Also below is my trial website that i created to learn and implement the same.

P.S:- there is a mistake on my part while updating the list1.html page ( Service>Flash Image). So you might have to go to home page and then go to Service > css/jq images .

Good Day.
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