What real programmers think about CodeCademy?

0 Susan Moss · September 29, 2014
Hello everyone!

Few days ago I just started with CodeCademy, until now it looks good, but...

What are the general impressions and feelings on the CodeCademy site and it's teaching methods?

What real programmers think of them?

At the end I will gain some respectful knowledge, suitable for "real-world" programming or it  would be better to waste time in some other site or learning methodology?

I'd really appreciate any comments or advice on the subject..

Thank you all!

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+2 Samuel Oloruntoba · September 29, 2014
personally i think that codecademy is pretty good, i used them last year and i remember that i recommended them to some of my friends
+1 Nikola Novakovic · October 1, 2014
Honestly I am not happy with it. Why ? They sorta give you a lot of restrictions and there is a lot of reading , I prefer videos in combination with reading. 

I am a subscriber of codeschool.com and I must say I am really really impressed with the content they are offering, how do they teach and how everything is designed nicely.Yes it is payed , but I really don't mind to invest in myself and I did not regret a penny.

I was also on a trial at Team Treehouse they are not bad. But there is one weird guy there, that teached Ruby and I sorta almost always freaked out when I was watching his sessions ( was spending a lot of time on Ruby lessons ) , but other then that they are fine. Even more awesome if you can get a PRO membership in which you have workshops and can go in a coding marathon for an hour or two and make a real useful app.

Good thing about codeschool is that you have these workshops in your normal payed membership ( in fact there is only one level of membership in codeschool ) and you have other amazing stuff like two guys from there meet up, they find a feature on some webste/mobile app and they try figure out how to make their own. Really good stuff. :) 

Don't be afraid to invest in your knowledge.
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