can u make iphone app in windows

+3 travis smith · September 29, 2014
can u make iphone app in windows

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0 Steven the awesome · December 18, 2014
Well it is possible if you install Apple Mac OS on a virtual machine 
0 Nikola Novakovic · December 27, 2014
Not recommended unless you have nerves of steel , a pretty strong machine and a virtual box :) 
+1 Mohsin Habib · December 27, 2014
if you have good computer . then install Apple Mac OS on a virtual machine in your computer . you can use both operating system in computer . 
0 Jay Deshaun · January 31, 2015
So far I haven't found any programs or heard of any that could work on windows.

@Tim , No one is bringing him down, he could try to code for apple but there's no way (so far) that he could code for apple on a windows computer. They're giving him the only possible suggestion which is to install an Apple's Operating Device on a virtual machine.
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