Why I won't use shared hosting anymore

+3 Jens Heldt · May 7, 2014
There needs to be more options than only using PHP. Looking at FatCow, Godaddy and others, the only options you got are PHP, PERL, Python.

Currently looking at Golang, my next project could be written in that. The sky is the limit when you host it on your own.

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+1 Steven the awesome · May 12, 2014
Yeaa man, and setting up your own webserver makes everything so much cheaper.
0 Neil Doniva · May 24, 2014
No, not really. You could buy a VPS, you have all the SSH access in the world!
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · June 4, 2014
You can host your application in Heroku, a cloud application hosting platform. You can host almost any kind of app - be it a node.js, java, perl or any other app. Every app you create will have its own bundled php, apache, mysql, etc. You can edit your source code using git and push it over to Heroku everytime you want to update. You don't have to go through all the hassle of uploading and stuff via FTP, etc. Heroku performs great, not like those cheap shared hosting sites and it's free for basic usage.
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