Wow, someone actually made this in Illustrator

+13 Emily Cash · May 7, 2014
The one on the left is the real one.

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+3 Tyler Miller · June 15, 2014
Well, possibly not long if it was illustrator, you could really cheat by using image tracing.

Paste the original image into illustrator, go to where it shows Image Tracing and select High Fidelity Photo. It will automatically generate all the curves for it an it looks almost exactly like the one to the right.
+1 Jacob G · May 14, 2014
I wonder how long that took.
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · July 4, 2014
I agree with Tyler, it actually depends on the way the person made it.
0 Yiqing Lan · November 11, 2014
It really takes long time if he meshed it. I used to mesh a peach which took me one hour. And this is more complicated than a peach. =P
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