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+1 Eric Vanatta · September 28, 2014
I've been asked by a family member since I'm the one who understands a little bit about computers to see if I could make a store locator page for her website.  Now I know how to make basic websites using HTML but this seems much more complicated.  I've tried looking for a good video tutorial on how to set up something like this and cannot find one. 

I know I would need a google api key and the lat and longitude of all the stores.  But that is about as far as I get.  Does anyone know of a good tutorial that actually goes through the entire process?  Final page should be able to take in a customers address and locate the nearest store and plot it on the map.  I have no idea even how to tie in a database with an HTML page.

If someone even has a folder of source code for a completed example site would be great as well. 

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0 Donald Trump · November 14, 2014
Pffffffffffffffffffffffff.... Maaann... Where do I even start.

Look, if you are completely new to programming, and suddenly, in one moment, day, or hour, you want to build something complex to the maximum, you have 0% of chance of achieving that.

You can't create something right away, you need time. Lots, lots and lots of time just for learning it, and then you need more lots of time in creating it. It's a very long process, especially for what you want to create. What you want to create doesn't require only HTML, it requires your knowledge of the following languages:

JavaScript (as well as jQuery)

and probably some others.

To answer your question: no, there is no tutorial for that. Nobody would create a tutorial for that or even do it for free, because that is hard work and not worth open source.

I don't want to scare you off and say that you can't do it - everybody can, and all you need is constant will and patience.
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