How to build a fitness app

-1 wendy wen · September 27, 2014
Im currently doing a project and i need HELP. The app's function need to track walking/running distance and also view calories burn during running/walking, Anyone that have any idea how to make it? I really need help

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0 Pere Garau Burguera · September 27, 2014
You have to make the first step yourself, mate. If you post what you have done so far we may help you. That's how this works
0 Alex Sweps · September 27, 2014
Yeah this is where the puzzle solving in programming comes in. Its up to you to come with a way but if you get stuck on some code we can help. We cant just straight up tell you how to do it. 

Off the top of my head you could use the phones gps to track the distance and then every kilometer (im aussie) divide that by the average steps per kilometer... Think of ways you can accomplish the problem first and work out the code later. If you get stuck on the actual coding come back for help. Hope this helps. 
0 wendy wen · September 27, 2014
mean i post the coding here, u guys can help me solve the coding?
0 Pere Garau Burguera · September 27, 2014
That's right, post your code here and tell us where the part you're struggling with is
0 wendy wen · September 27, 2014
thanks~ i will~ thanks for the suggestion~
0 wendy wen · November 2, 2014

The Error is something like this:
[2014-11-02 15:43:23 - GoogleMap] C:\Users\woon\workspace\appcompat_v7\res\values-v21\themes_base.xml:79: error: Error: No resource found that matches the given name: attr 'android:colorPrimary'.

Anyone can help me to solve it? because I already search on web still cant help me to solve it. 
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