+1 Franz Schmidt · September 27, 2014
If I use the codetags and use the counter "i" in a for loop you get to the point where you use this i as index of an array,
but [i.] is the bbcode for italic and so it doesn't show the signs.

But if you write text after the codetags you get italic text cause [/i.]    
is missing.

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0 jan burg · November 7, 2014
I noticed a similar problem with the bbcode too. I had "d=${d: ( -n)}" (but without spaces) in a post and it shows up as "d=${d:(-n)}". I can see why it does without code tags, but look at this:


Damn this makes it hard to post code lol. I do like the colors though. If we could customize the code tags even more, that would be cool, e.g.,
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