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0 Bruce Whealton · September 27, 2014
         I noticed that some of the courses have the source code available for download.  It would be great to have this for the Android Tutorial that has 200 videos.  It makes it easier to follow along.

Also, do you know Android Studio?   Maybe an update to the Android tutorials could use this or even with Eclipse and considering applications that one might run on newer versions of Android.  I mean the first course came out when we were just at Android 2.x and things were just starting out in this field.  Now, we are up to Android 4.4.

Other requests: Frameworks for building Mobile Apps from HTML5/CSS/JavaScript - one example is Phonegap, which one could use with JQuery Mobile.  Then there is ionic which lets one use AngularJS to build Android apps.


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0 Alex Sweps · September 28, 2014
LibGdx is a game engine that will deploy for android, ios, html and java all with just the single code base. 
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