To learn HTML5 or NOT !!

+3 Abdou omari · September 26, 2014
Hi everybody,

I am new here and proud finding you guys, it should happened long ago, anyway, I usually develop websites using pre-made templates for HTML css and themes fir WordPress websites, and found it a hard work to customize the website to my needs but it works after all.

I came across some websites builders like adobe muse which does the code for your design in the go, same goes for Webflow.

Do you think it is the good thing to just use these tools to produce good result? Or to learn HTML5 and CSS which take long time to learn, and what Is the perfect and short way to do so?

Many thanks
Your contribution is appreciated.

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0 Elber Elberito · November 15, 2014
Here is the link to one of the best pages for training of HTML5!
0 Predrag Kostic · November 12, 2014
It's definitely better to learn HTML5, CSS3 with it as well and while you're at it JavaScript is very useful: especially jQuerry.
0 Yousef Al-Hadhrami · November 10, 2014
took me around 30 hours to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript
divided them in ~1week, it was not that hard when you practice after each tutorial.
0 Keith Akins · November 2, 2014
You cannot call yourself a mechanic if all you know is clean the car, put gas in it and drive off. You are a mechanic if you can operate and repair the car when there is a problem. Same if you speak HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. If your web site broke down and your boss ask you to fix the damage then you are done, beside you are not employable with dream weaver and those that you mentioned. Do HTML 5 and you'll know what's going on under the hood.
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