Not best section, but...

I was asked to make program, which will let you access info on some kind of server... (I am not good at server/database/web programming, but I want to learn basics) for example about supplies, treasury, and other info. Just tell me - whats best language to do that? I don't even know how those stuff work (I know software/game development) please explain to me briefly what I need to learn, I need to learn it as fast as possible, also, as I said I have no idea how it works, but I want to make front-end in visual basic. I know C++, C#, Java (I know Java is not in VB) so I can make login screen, etc easily. I didn't asked them details yet (what exactly it needs to do, but it needs to store and access info on server, or database or whatever its called. Please explain to me these, and tell me what to learn (would be really good if bucky has tutorials for it, on back-end, I mean.)

Sorry if this seems kinda non enthusiastic or dumb question, but I want to learn basics of web/database/server programming because its highly usable in my country.

I didn't do too much research before posting this, sorry, detailed answers are appreciated.