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+2 Bucky Roberts · May 7, 2014
Hey everyone, we are making a FAQ page for the website. What questions should I have on there?

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+2 name family · May 7, 2014
1) what is BuckysRoom ?? :D 
2) what could we do on that forum ? 
3) what is the different bet this forum and other forums on the web ? 
4) how to start using this forum ? 
5) how to connect site admin ? 
6) i have problems using this forum , where should i ask ? 
7) whose Bucky :D :S :?? and why this room ???? :D :)))) 
and so on !! ;)  
+4 Pere Garau Burguera · May 8, 2014
I would put:

1) What is BuckysRoom?
2) What is TheNewBoston? 
3) Why should I use BuckysRoom?
4) How do I get started?
5) How did all start? (BR and TNB history)
6) Will I enjoy BR?
7) Why this site is awesome?
8) Why BR is better than other similar websites?
9) Is this site only focused on the computer/programming world, or it is more general?
10) What are the credits for?
11) What is my bitcoin wallet and how to use it?
12) What are the rules for this site? (you know, like don't insult...)
13) Which are the functions of the moderators?
14) What are pages?


15) What do I need to do to be like Bucky?
Answer: Eat bacon and tuna
+1 Nishal Kulkarni · May 31, 2014
Hey is buckysroom still open source where can i download it
0 Dol Lod · September 3, 2015
Question number 1: What should I do to prepare for Android Programming?

This question deserves an faq because of how often it is asked.

Question number 2: Where can I find the source code for ... tutorial?
0 Donald Trump · September 3, 2015
most of the people will find faq's tl;dr
0 ravishankar sharma · September 4, 2015
bucky can you plz send me the complete source code of project lisa...
with index.php file
my email ....ravishankar10101010@gmail.com
thank you
0 Gary Whitney · September 19, 2015
How about a Help button that explains the basics of how to use the site.
I enjoy the tutorials but I don't know how to configure my feeds so I don't have to see every question out there. It is grayed out, as are most of the icons in the menu bar.

By default I am following all the forums. I don't see any help on how to filter them. My feeds is grayed out.

How to perform a search would be great. The more words I add to the search the more results I see. It is like it is an OR search.
Maybe there wouldn't be so many redundant questions if you had to read a help file before you could post. The

I need to make a post about Android tutorial # 39, but don't even know how to limit a post to just the Android form.

I have tried searching for synchronized and that gets me 3 results from all the forums.
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Tell me what you like about the forum and what sucks about it here.

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