Create your own Operating System

+14 Ameet Rahane · September 25, 2014
Hey Bucky can you please teach us how to make an operating system

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+1 Justin Dube · September 25, 2014
lmao alone???

do you actually want  to do operating system alone
+2 Michal Repec · September 25, 2014

What are you? A casual?
+1 George Williams · September 26, 2014
An operating system? The problem with that is that if you don't learn that on your own, your OS will be full of bugs and errors and you will just run back to Bucky when it fails. I would suggest you use what knowledge is being provided to you by Bucky such as the C/C++ tutorials and read on these two languages : C(For the OS) and C++(For the apps). Learning some scripting languages would probably be pretty useful also. While an OS can be coded without Assembly, I would strongly recommend you also learn more about this language.

Anyways, I really doubt Bucky will ever do it, if he does its probably just going to be about modifying the Linux code for your own OS and not from scratch
+4 Alex Sweps · September 27, 2014
This will not only teach you how to create an operating system, but entire computer starting from a single logic gate.
0 Michal Repec · September 27, 2014

Alex Sweps
This will not only teach you how to create an operating system, but entire computer starting from a single logic gate.

That's actually really interesting! Thank you.
+1 0x13a _ · September 28, 2014
Developing a operative System is a vera hard work. You must know assembly language and c language and you have to write a thousand of code rows. I have developed a small bootloader that load my own kernel into Ram memory. And the kernel routine was a String print to the screen. You can see more contents at this site and you can study other small kernel such as kolibri Os or mike OS. Bye :)
+1 Simon Piras · October 3, 2014
Thanks for the wiki Diego Mariani !

You seem to have done some really great stuff!
0 ahmedtarek mahmoud · December 14, 2014
impossible it needs so many  enginers to code and test lol 
0 Alex Micharski · December 20, 2014
I've been waiting for this forum. YES YES YES!!!!:D
0 Landon Luman · January 17, 2015
A guy named Ben Heck made a video of him recreating a Macintosh. He does alot of other stuff too, he works for so you can check him out if you would like to
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Language that is commonly used in operating systems, compilers, and other low level programs.

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