+1 Emmanuel Ntiamoah · September 25, 2014
Need some help here:
              would any body help to explain with numbers why any number divided by zero is undefined?

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+2 Yannis Sp · September 25, 2014
I found more reasons on internet(you can search alone if you want) but the one i told you first and this one are the basic reason why 0/0 is undefined:
+1 Kenny Diep · October 28, 2014
You will never come to a finite number. Therefore it is undefined.
+1 Yannis Sp · September 25, 2014
we are assuming that  you  can divide by zero, so 0/0 should work the same as 5/5, which is 1. Arrggh!
+1 Eugene Botma · September 25, 2014
Simplest explanation is by using a limit -> 0.

so: 5 /0.1 = 50.

thus as the number you divide with gets closer to zero, the result becomes larger, up to the point where you divide by zero, then the answer will be so large that it cannot be defined (since there is no infinite in mathematics and physics)
+1 Predrag Kostic · September 25, 2014
I like to think of it this way: 1/0 = infinite,0
+1 pd0sh  · September 25, 2014
Remember Numberphile?
0 jan burg · November 7, 2014
Also if you look at the function 1/x or some number divided by x, as x approaches 0, it goes to +/- infinity depending on the side. So the limit is undefined, not infinity.
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