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+1 Arunas Slenderis · September 23, 2014
Hello all, 

I have a question. In Bucky's HTML 5 tutorials there were explained about vertical and horizontal orientations. Can I use both in the same parent.

For example I want to make a div with id "header". Then I want 3 children also div's "logo", "title" and "description".
"logo" and "title" will be oriented horizontally ("title" want to be flexible). And "description" will be oriented vertical according to these two.
How can I do that using webkit-box?

Thank You

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+1 Franz Schmidt · September 23, 2014
Yes this is possible:
the header needs the webkit-box-orientation 'vertical'
and the div headline needs the webkit-box-orientation 'horizontal'
0 Arunas Slenderis · September 24, 2014
Thanks man, it worked +1
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