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0 Tommy C · September 23, 2014
Hi everyone,

My name is Tomás (Thomas) and I'm from a nice little town in south Spain. I think I end up here as many others after watching some Bucky's video tutorials. Man you are great THANK YOUU !!!! for what you do.

I started my adventure a couple of months back, I would call it that way as I'm reaching 30 years old :(... So I quit my job and I started focusing in learning how to code... i guess my relatives and friends are checking prices in a mental house as I speak... but so far I really enjoy it.

I started with Bucky's tutorials in html, css, javascript and some other online resources. At the moment I really love it, I hope keeps going that way having a look now in Jquery, and have in mind phyton also after this.
looking forward to put my basic knowledge to some use. :D      

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0 Buddy Blackford · September 23, 2014
Welcome to the community! 8-)
-1 Gary Murphy · September 29, 2014
Hi Toms,
Welcome to Buckys Room.  Hope you enjoy your stay. :)
+2 George Williams · September 29, 2014
You should learn C Tommy C. That way you can make a cool catch phrase lol.

Anyway welcome! I think there having a 50 percent discount at the local mental ward; I'll get back to you lok
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