Any good books on JavaScript?

0 Susan Moss · September 23, 2014
Hello everybody!

I just watched all 40 JS videos (less then 2 days), and I am craving for more... Anybody has sugestions on good JavaScript books to learn beyond the basics?

Thanks a lot! (And Bucky, you are the best! :-* )

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+1 Fernando ApĆ³stolo · September 25, 2014
I'm reading this book. I'm not finished yet but so far so good.

0 Susan Moss · September 27, 2014
Oh, It looks nice, thank you very much!
0 Susan Moss · October 13, 2014
I found this one,  it looks really good...

JavaScript: The Good Parts, by Douglas Crockford
0 Abdullah Nauman · October 14, 2014
The only good JavaScript book in the world is SAMS tech yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours by Paul Balmer. It is better that Buckys tutorials( sorry Buckys) 
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