Here is a perfect square checker that I originally made in Python. I thought it would be interesting to try and convert it into a C program. Enjoy!
Any suggestions are helpful. I'm still really new to C :P

//Perfect square checker by Ethan Hann

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

int main()
    //Defining our variables
    int userNum;
    float sqrtUserNum;
    float sqrtSquared;
    int running = 0;

    printf("Welcome to the square root checker. This program was originally \nwritten in Python. Re-coded for C. \n");

    //Do-while loop until user enters 0.
            //label a: if user enters a negative number

            printf("Enter a number (0 to quit): ");
            scanf(" %d", &userNum);

            if (userNum < 0){
                printf("Number must be greater than 0! \n");
                goto a;

        if (userNum == 0){

        //calculate if number is a perfect square
        sqrtUserNum = floor(sqrt(userNum));
        sqrtSquared = sqrtUserNum * sqrtUserNum;

        if (sqrtSquared == userNum){
            printf("%d IS a perfect square! Square root: %.0f \n", userNum, sqrt(userNum));
            printf("%d is NOT a perfect square! Square root: %.4f \n", userNum, sqrt(userNum));

    } while(running == 0);

    return 0;