permissions for making videos !!

0 name family · May 2, 2014
hello world !! :D :P 
i just want to ask , could we make videos just like Bucky :D :-?? :S ? 
or even give some suggestions for videos and making them ??? 
you know i love Bucky and his way of training others but i have lots of fresh idea , so the question is , may i send my suggestions here in this forum ??? 

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+1 Neil Doniva · May 25, 2014
lol, bucky has 600k subscribers, why would he take a suggestion from you when he could just take the general suggestion from all of them?
0 name family · June 6, 2014
hey again ,
actually , i didnt mean to be instead of Bucky lol , i just wanted to be near him ,even behind the scene !!!!
i should apologize if it considered as a kind of irreverence .
I just love Bucky and he is one of my masters !
and of course i wont come even on this forum if he wants !
tnx for answering
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