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+1 George Williams · September 21, 2014

Hey all, earlier today I thought of an idea that we all could do as a community, so here is the layout of the program:

The program will be a learning program meant to help new programmers or experienced programmers find a book of there choice from a site like

1) My idea of the program is that the user will create a new identity in the database, username,programming expertise,language wanted to learn. Whenever the profile is loaded, it will search the site for the desired programming language and filter those so that beginners will get "For Dummies" books and experts get books like "Head First"

2) Once they have the book they can do stuff like mark the page with a simple textbox in the program that will remind them what page they were on next time the program is started.

This is just the basics of the program though and I don't want to get into too much if there isnt going to be any commitment from the community

What I need

C#/C++ - You will be tasked to create a GUI, especially C# programmers because of WPF, Java programmers also welcome to do this
Python - You will be tasked to creating numerous scripts to download the specified book

I thinks that's about all I need, but this is just the way I would do it, I am not specifying a specific job for any language, since this is a community project you the people will vote on what language to use for what tasks. I'm not saying one language cant do it all but maybe the ones we would leave out could have great contribution if we include there language

Project Checklist

  • Establish database connection

  • Add user registration form

  • Add login form

  • Establish downloading script(or code)

  • Other stuff that would make this list way too long

These are everything that needs to be done(well,not really, just the outline) .


Thank you for using your valuable time to read this, I know certain readers like web developers can see this isn't something for them but don't you worry, your free to make a website but only when its finished. There will be no payout at the start and maybe not ever but it will be a great way for others to understand more code and get practical but hey! for those optimists out there, if we make a 5 star application we could probably earn a few bucks(everyone that contributes ofc).

Thank you for listening and I hope this becomes a reality

Official Project name: BuckysRoom College
Official Project page :

Respond below if you like and join the page to get us started on the project!

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+1 George Williams · September 22, 2014
Come on guys what you thinking?
+1 Çağlan Turgut · September 23, 2014
I can help with C++/Java if you need to but I should say that I don't have too much time.
+1 Barik Yusif · April 18, 2016
Hello i want to join am a PHP, javascript, css and html web developer
+1 Scott Walker · April 19, 2016
I'd be willing to help.
Skills are C#,, Mvc, Javascript.
+1 Mau Amolat · April 24, 2016
I want to work on this but I'm still learning Java. Solid fresh :)

maybe next time.
+1 Mau Amolat · April 24, 2016
please include me next time for your projects, I'd love to contribute in any way possible

here's my email:
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