0 name family · May 2, 2014
hey friends !! 
i dont know if it's a bug or not but again it's good to know ! :D :P 
you know when s.o answere or comment on your post you will have  a notification , after i click on that it brings me to the forum ! i mean forum home page not my post or that friend's comment ! 
so sry if it's fake ;) :P 

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+2 Bucky Roberts · May 7, 2014
Working on this now. Should be fixed soon. 
+1 name family · May 8, 2014
tnxxxxxxx bro! 
Goooooood LuCk ;)
+2 Hariom Vishwakarma · May 31, 2014
notifications as links would be better..
whenever i click on them that does nothing.. i mean those are not kept as links.. but any1 whoever sees notification would like to click on it and view it on new page..

just a suggestion..
u can modify it as u wish..
but seriously site is looking pritty good..!!
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