Which Database do You Use?

+1 Gregory Ballantine · May 2, 2014
I thought I'd kick off discussion in the SQL & Databases category with a question: 
What database (SQL, LDAP or otherwise), do you use, and why? What do you use it for? What experiences have you had with databases?

I've used MySQL for awhile, at least over a year now, and I used to use it for everything: storing web content, storing data, user authentication, you name it.  But recently, over the winter, I've transitioned to using OpenLDAP for user authentication, and a few other small things (like syncing host files, keeping track of local web servers I have up), and couldn't be happier.  I use both currently, as they each have their uses and are a very good combo that is serving me very very well!

Some other experiences I've had are helping my brother with Oracle SQL stuff for a class here at UMBC, my close friend used PostgreSQL, until I convinced him to move to MySQL (sorry fans of Postgre ;D), and I'm looking into other LDAP servers, like OpenDJ and the like. I'm also looking into MariaDB, as that won't be difficult to transition to, and I've heard some pretty good things about it!

Also, on campus here at UMBC, I currently help deal with the MySQL, Oracle, and Active Directory servers

So, tell us about your database experiences!

Any suggestions to try new things are welcome!



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0 Nikola Novakovic · August 22, 2014
And how is it ? :) I mean Oracle :D 
0 M .A.K · May 31, 2014
As android app developer i started with sqlite and after then i still use it even on my other projects as well
it's not fancy but i just love it's simplicity and self-containment.   
0 Poly Morphist · October 15, 2014
Being that I live in Seattle and Microsoft is in my backyard most of my experience is with MS SQL Server.  I've also used some DB2.  I'd love to branch out into MySQL, PostgreSQL and/or Oracle but haven't had the opportunity yet.
0 Rohit Buddabathina ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ · August 17, 2014
Im using MySQL
0 Jay Deshaun · June 8, 2014
I only use MySQL for everything :p
0 JOhaL jaTT · August 9, 2014
Oracle and Mysql.
0 Justin Hamilton · July 22, 2014
I currently use Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008R2, and Sybase SQL Anywhere v12. 

SQL Daily,
Oracle Weekly,
and Sybase when need arises (it's a T-SQL so pretty much same as Microsoft's SQL).
-1 Nikola Novakovic · June 8, 2014
Well I used MySQL and MSSQl. Altough I want to try stuff like MongoDB or Cassandra I haven't had time to play with it. Any good tutorial links on those ?
Also how the data is structured in OpenLDAP , I would maybe try that out too :)
-2 Nikola Novakovic · August 9, 2014
MySQL and relational databases are not the fastest thing out there. There is, for example, a thing called NoSQL and it is much faster then traditional relational databases, because of a simple structure they have ( key value pairs, something like hashes in Ruby , or an object in JavaScript or a json object ). But there are drawbacks to NoSQL databases and they are just a tool to be used along with relational databases ( be it MSSQL , MySQL etc ) , but they are faster ( the nosql ones ).
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