Which Database do You Use?

+1 Gregory Ballantine · May 2, 2014
I thought I'd kick off discussion in the SQL & Databases category with a question: 
What database (SQL, LDAP or otherwise), do you use, and why? What do you use it for? What experiences have you had with databases?

I've used MySQL for awhile, at least over a year now, and I used to use it for everything: storing web content, storing data, user authentication, you name it.  But recently, over the winter, I've transitioned to using OpenLDAP for user authentication, and a few other small things (like syncing host files, keeping track of local web servers I have up), and couldn't be happier.  I use both currently, as they each have their uses and are a very good combo that is serving me very very well!

Some other experiences I've had are helping my brother with Oracle SQL stuff for a class here at UMBC, my close friend used PostgreSQL, until I convinced him to move to MySQL (sorry fans of Postgre ;D), and I'm looking into other LDAP servers, like OpenDJ and the like. I'm also looking into MariaDB, as that won't be difficult to transition to, and I've heard some pretty good things about it!

Also, on campus here at UMBC, I currently help deal with the MySQL, Oracle, and Active Directory servers

So, tell us about your database experiences!

Any suggestions to try new things are welcome!



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+1 Eugene Botma · July 23, 2014
Not a lot of experience with it. i only have a few tables with 2 columns each. I've never tried to set up a program to really use Cassandra or write large Cassandra queries. I can only do the basics. I looked more at the performance, and it is CPU heavy. If you are running a clustered instance, you need an extremely fast network, I would not recommend anything slower than 10Gb/s Ethernet.
+1 Brandon Elliott · July 24, 2014
Wait, there's something other than MySQL??

just kidding :D
+1 Neil Doniva · May 24, 2014
I use MariaDB for small tasks.
+1 Eugene Botma · July 22, 2014
I currently use or manage: SQL server 2012, mysql, Cassandra, neo4j, openldap.

Microsoft SQL server is for a product i am working on at the moment. This is by far my favorite DBMS.

my website runs on mysql (for now).

cassandra and neo4j are used for bigdata research on the small cluster that i manage at my university.

openldap is used to manage the users on said cluster.
0 Nikola Novakovic · July 23, 2014
Eugene whats your experience and impressions with Cassandra ? :) 
0 Nikola Novakovic · July 23, 2014
Ok man thanks for the heads up! :) 
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 10, 2014
I love mysql But I use mongodb with NodeJs for making stuff like chat. Because they two work lightening fast together!
0 William Frost · July 24, 2014
MySQL For The Win
0 Agburu Ogah · August 21, 2014
I use Oracle11g, also I got my certification this year.
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 9, 2014
I use MySql for all web sites It's fast and reliable with many back-end languages. Also some the biggest sites are powered by MySql ex - FB
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