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+1 Nika Mchedlidze · September 20, 2014
Hello, I am... well, rookie programmer, I understand basics of programming and I get annoyed when I read books which are very, very easy (I know how to use computer and how to choose options, I also have common sense, I know how IDE's work, but it won't be too big deal to revise it), but I also get annoyed by books which has too much technical stuff at beginning (I am not trying to avoid technical things, I just don't want to rush to it), I need book which will help me to learn C++, I have watched few Bucky's tutorials, but I didn't learn much because I use Bucky's videos for practice... when I'am already reading book and I get confused on some part, or I want to advance knowledge, or opposite - get basic understanding before starting to read (its complicated ;)).

What book to get for C++? I know very (VERY) basics of Java, C, C++, C#, I can't even call myself average, I am n00b, but not too much.

I kinda liked "Jumping into C++" (from seeing cover and reviews, I haven't read it) and I think I am going to buy it, what do you guys think?

I also want to know what you guys prefer: buying physical (paper) book and reading it, or reading e-book (kindle)? I think I prefer paper, because I usually read books when I am outside (work/school) and I am bored, have free time and gotta read.

tl;dr - Whats best C++ book for guy between noobiness and medium knowledge (on amazon)? and do you prefer paper or kindle?

Thanks for attention, would like to hear everybody's opinion if you guys got time :).

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+1 Savad Dekrup · September 20, 2014
Hello, I'm a high school student. I often find a free time during the class. I would recommend physical book, if you have free time, so you can read it during the class. And if you want to show off your friends. ;) I would recommend kindle, if you have free at home or somewhere else. The reason is that, when you read a book on screen is much easier than reading it from table and so on. I hope, I helped you. 
0 Nika Mchedlidze · September 21, 2014
@Koorutshas, What should I read after finishing that course? 
0 Krishn Anand · September 21, 2014
u can get this paid book free from kickass torrent

Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain
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