How did you find thenewboston?

+4 Jens Heldt · May 1, 2014
Amazingly, I still remember.

I was searching for MySQL tutorials in January 2012, and of course Bucky must know Youtube SEO. I found his channel from there, and realized "holy shit this is a gold mine of computer stuff".

I watched every episode of Survive The Wilderness 2, the day they came out.

Any other stories?

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-1 Johnny Lindsey · June 7, 2014
Bucky has always been my personal favorite on YouTube. First off, in 2010, I wanted to learn XHTML and CSS. And I did. Then in 2011 I moved up to Java. And I learned that until about 2013. I still use Java and plan to revisit it next year. Currently, I'm doing PHP, JavaScript and AJAX. And, of course, thanks Bucky!
-1 silent horn · June 21, 2014
Downloaded this app on my windows 8 pc and found some tutorials from The New Boston
0 Steve Myers · August 11, 2014
Came across Bucky on youtube. I can't remember exactly what led me there, it may have been Java tutorials, but that doesn't quite seem right. Most likely something SQL related.
0 ducky mcsmiles · February 8, 2015
I was looking for porn, I thought java was a type of s&m bondage and found a load of video tutorials by some guy called bucky explaining how to learn it properly, it took me a few months to realise it wasnt porn but by that stage I was too far into it to stop, so a warning to everyone that came here for the same reason I did, java is not very good pornography.
0 Duba Blaz · February 9, 2015
I think It was  3 years ago, i wanted to learn java. One of my friends told me that he discovered a great youtube channel for tutorials and sent me a link. Since then, i have recommend thenewboston to over a 20 people and everyone of them was surprised how it's easy and funny to learn from Bucky's videos.
0 Chris Root · February 9, 2015
I had been doing PHP for just over ten years and got a job for a shop that did Ruby/Rails. I needed a fast way to learn Ruby and found this site. Anything the tutorials covered that was beginner information I just glossed over. My primary goal was to quickly learn what was different about Ruby vs PHP and these tutorials served that purpose well. I recommend this site whenever I get the chance.
0 Melissa Ries · February 10, 2015
Someone made a post in a computer science discussion forum my freshman year. They said to check out thenewboston. I googled it, and found my way here. It was all just his videos then. I remember buckysroom too, but I only stuck to the videos then. From then on out I would hit up his tutorials every time I had a class in coding. I hadn't had a programming class in a while; not since last March I think. So it had been a while. When I clicked my NB icon on my toolbar last month, I found myself on a site that was NOT thenewboston. I almost freaked out for a second thinking, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to do without Bucky's tutorials for this class and all my future classes?!" LOL. I did a google search and found the new forum....and now here I am.
0 Sudhir Pradhan · February 10, 2015
I found this when i was serching for HTML 5 and CSS ...and then knew this channel has a lot good stuffs and  It's awesome!!! 
0 Çağlan Turgut · February 10, 2015
It has been a good 3 or 4 years so I don't even remember. But I think it might be YouTube though :ermm:
0 Donald Trump · February 10, 2015
Directly from youtube. I think it was because of C++.

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