How did you find thenewboston?

+4 Jens Heldt · May 1, 2014
Amazingly, I still remember.

I was searching for MySQL tutorials in January 2012, and of course Bucky must know Youtube SEO. I found his channel from there, and realized "holy shit this is a gold mine of computer stuff".

I watched every episode of Survive The Wilderness 2, the day they came out.

Any other stories?

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+6 Pere Garau Burguera · May 1, 2014
I was looking for Java tutorials and I found TheNewBoston. This was aprox about 1 and a half years ago. I immediately fell in admiration towards Bucky. I became addicted to his tutorials and started to watch all of them. Until now, I haven't found any youtube channel that has so amazing and so complete tutorials. I also love Buckys vlogs and all the extra-computer stuff. 

Then I knew he was creating a social network and I wanted to collaborate with it. It was amazing! I loved BuckysRoom and all the community! Then, suddenly, one day Bucky left. We didn't know what happened then, but I was completely sure Bucky would come back and do some new tutorials and make BuckysRoom come back.

The world needs more people like Bucky. Lots of people lifes changed because of him. We will be thankful to Bucky forever. 

Tuna and Bacon will one day rule the world!
0 Gregory Ballantine · May 2, 2014
I was searching for some tutorials on Java in early Spring of 2012, and I found a video that looked pretty good, and was like 25 mins long.  It was ok, but then I saw one of Bucky's earlier Beginner Java tutorials, gave it a shot from video 1, and never looked back. I actually delved into the HTML and CSS ones after a few of the Java ones, and eventually made my own web server thanks to that:D
+1 Jens Heldt · May 3, 2014
Yea I'm making my own web server once I have the necessary internet speed requirements. 
+2 name family · May 16, 2014
I was just looking for a python tutorial and have found it on a site with couple of free tutorials ( , they have shared those videos and i have just searched for Bucky on the network and finally i have found it ;) !!! THEnewBoStOn !! 
+1 M .A.K · June 1, 2014
Three month ago i was surfing net to find some general java help to start my "Android controlled robot" 
And thx to bucky i got it rolling... 
+4 Hannah Damon · June 1, 2014
Looking for tutorials on web design on YouTube. It was like finding buried treasure :)
+2 Predrag Kostic · June 1, 2014
I was searching for C++ tutorials on youtube, I never completed the series though
-1 William Maguire · June 1, 2014
I wanted to learn how to "hack computers", and thought programming would help. So I searched for Python tutorials on youtube and thought Bucky's were the easiest to follow. I kept watching to supplement a couple of computer science/programming classes I took online during high school.
-1 Frank OBrien · June 6, 2014
While taking a class on C++ I found his tutorials. They were very helpful. I think the profile picture is why I clicked the youtube link though.
0 Splatface Dev · June 7, 2014
I had started learning java from another youtube user, but wanted to begin writing android apps. Then I came upon thenewboston, and my life was forever changed. Since then, I have learned about Android, C++, Python, and web development from him!

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