How did you find thenewboston?

+4 Jens Heldt · May 1, 2014
Amazingly, I still remember.

I was searching for MySQL tutorials in January 2012, and of course Bucky must know Youtube SEO. I found his channel from there, and realized "holy shit this is a gold mine of computer stuff".

I watched every episode of Survive The Wilderness 2, the day they came out.

Any other stories?

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0 Steve Myers · August 11, 2014
Came across Bucky on youtube. I can't remember exactly what led me there, it may have been Java tutorials, but that doesn't quite seem right. Most likely something SQL related.
-1 silent horn · June 21, 2014
Downloaded this app on my windows 8 pc and found some tutorials from The New Boston
-1 Johnny Lindsey · June 7, 2014
Bucky has always been my personal favorite on YouTube. First off, in 2010, I wanted to learn XHTML and CSS. And I did. Then in 2011 I moved up to Java. And I learned that until about 2013. I still use Java and plan to revisit it next year. Currently, I'm doing PHP, JavaScript and AJAX. And, of course, thanks Bucky!
0 Splatface Dev · June 7, 2014
I had started learning java from another youtube user, but wanted to begin writing android apps. Then I came upon thenewboston, and my life was forever changed. Since then, I have learned about Android, C++, Python, and web development from him!
-1 Frank OBrien · June 6, 2014
While taking a class on C++ I found his tutorials. They were very helpful. I think the profile picture is why I clicked the youtube link though.
-1 William Maguire · June 1, 2014
I wanted to learn how to "hack computers", and thought programming would help. So I searched for Python tutorials on youtube and thought Bucky's were the easiest to follow. I kept watching to supplement a couple of computer science/programming classes I took online during high school.
+2 Predrag Kostic · June 1, 2014
I was searching for C++ tutorials on youtube, I never completed the series though
+4 Hannah Damon · June 1, 2014
Looking for tutorials on web design on YouTube. It was like finding buried treasure :)
+1 M .A.K · June 1, 2014
Three month ago i was surfing net to find some general java help to start my "Android controlled robot" 
And thx to bucky i got it rolling... 
+2 name family · May 16, 2014
I was just looking for a python tutorial and have found it on a site with couple of free tutorials ( , they have shared those videos and i have just searched for Bucky on the network and finally i have found it ;) !!! THEnewBoStOn !! 

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