Cout << "Hello Bucky's Room!\n";

+1 Ricky Cousins · September 19, 2014
Hello Everyone,

My name is Ricky, I am 21 and I have been kinda looking for a community of like minded people and I feel I may have found it!  I have never really been big on doing forum type stuff or community type stuff, but I figured id give it a whirl.  I am a PC gamer, Guitarist, and a general troubleshooter when problems arise in my community.  Currently I am in college trying to get a basic computer degree to get out of my crappy job: "Computer Information Systems".  Hope to get to know some of you and maybe learn a thing or two. :) 

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+1 Çağlan Turgut · September 19, 2014
std::cout << "So... Welcome to the community!"<< std::endl;
+1 Savad Dekrup · September 19, 2014
System.out.println("Welcome to Bucky's Room");
+1 Gary Murphy · September 20, 2014
Hello and welcome!
+1 pd0sh  · September 20, 2014
Welcome Ricky!
+1 Anas Abd Daim · September 22, 2014
welcome man :)
+1 Buddy Blackford · September 22, 2014
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