Hard Drive Backup Program Made in Java

+2 Brandon Elliott · September 19, 2014
I made this program that will backup any hard drive, flash drive, etc. to a location of your choice.

It compresses copies of the files into a zip file that you can then use to restore the files at a later date.

There are two different backup types, "custom", which will allow you to choose the "essential" file types that you want to backup, and then there is a "full" backup which will backup everything on the drive.

I've tested it on Windows 7 and Windows 8. I doubt it will work on Mac or Linux (as of now) because of the difference in file paths, but that can be easily fixed and I will work on that.

The reason I made this program was because I wanted a simple way to backup my portable hard drive, and all the programs I found were too bulky and not very simple to use. It was originally a program that ran in a command prompt, but then I figured it would be cool to make a GUI for it.

Latest Version: Updated Sept. 21 at midnight.
You can download the executable jar file by clicking here.

I will upload some screenshots later today and if enough people want the source code, I will release the fully commented source code.

Edit: Here are some screenshots from the latest update.

When the program opens:


If you choose a custom backup, here is the "settings" page which allows you to select the file types you want to backup:


Performing a backup:


Woo! Backup is complete:


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0 Savad Dekrup · September 19, 2014
Awesome :D. Thanks.
0 guga katsiashvili · September 20, 2014
can u send me a source code of it?? my email : guga.katsiashvili@yahoo.com
0 Çağlan Turgut · September 20, 2014
This is a really good idea for a program. If I'm not wrong you mentioned about that on your reply to that post:


I can't try that right now because I'm not able to access my Windows Machine right now but it seems pretty good as I've seen from the screenshot:

If you need help to port the program to Linux/Mac I can help because I have access to them and also I'm pretty familiar with programming on POSIX. But I guess you won't need any :) for a simple (yet efficient) program like that. 

Also I would like to see the source code but I know it's something hard to organize and comment your code ;)
0 Brandon Elliott · September 21, 2014
Yes you are correct, this is the program I talked about in that post. At that point it just ran in a command prompt. Actually I think programming in the GUI took longer than the actual backup part of it took.

I updated my first post with some new screenshots, and an updated link to the latest version.

In the new version, I fixed a couple little things and gave the GUI a little bit more work.
+1 Brandon Elliott · September 26, 2014
The source code is on GitHub for anyone that wants it:

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