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+1 Daniel Stockham · September 19, 2014
I'm starting to get a grasp of the web development languages and I feel as though it is time for me to build a web site. However, I want a challenge and therefore want to build a e-commerce site.

Is it better to start from scratch? or should I should I consider integrating shopify or ILance?

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+2 Savad Dekrup · September 19, 2014
If you want to learn, build from scratch.
+1 Nikola Novakovic · September 21, 2014
Yep , go from zero :)
+1 Daniel Stockham · September 22, 2014
After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that such task is quite daunting with what I currently know. I haven't built my first web site yet. 
+1 Nikola Novakovic · September 22, 2014
Take it easy , step by step and you will get there :)
0 Amy Rivers · November 27, 2015
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0 Michael Bianchi · December 31, 2015
It isn't impossible. Try and go for the challenge. Tell yourself you have to do it. Once you build a good system, you can sell it plenty of times with just a few tweaks for your clients. You need:

1. A front-end design theme
2. A payment processor
3. A form processor (for shipping information)
4. Easy UI navigation
5. Security
6. Possibly a database, not always
7. Log in / Register system, again, possibly

So based on that you will need to use the following languages:

javascript > jQuery

Paypal will handle the credit card security for you. So will Stripe and any other payment provider you choose. You don't need to code the security for that.

You mainly need to focus on form processing for security. And you need to do that in php, not JavaScript because JavaScript can be turned off and your site will be easy to hack after that.

Briefly think out on paper all the things that need to be done when someone clicks "Buy"

1. Take them to a page that shows them the product they want to buy, then adds 1 to cart
2. That page asks them for their shipping info in a shipping form
3. That shipping info is sent to a database
4. That shipping info is also emailed to whoever processes the order
5. Then that page redirects to a payment page (if you used paypal, the last two steps we already done)
6. User is redirected to a thank you page

Think along those lines and break it into steps. The rest is just syntax. If you ever wonder is something can be done, just assume it can with php =)
0 diyer me · December 31, 2015
PHP Or Javascript?which one should i learn first?...I have learned HTML and CSS...Which order may be good?

  • html> css> javascript > jquery > php

  • html> css> php > javascript > jquery 

0 Zoe Schultz · February 2, 2016
Oh, well... That's not any easy task you've taken up. In my experience, it'd be better to build an e-commerce site based on a solid  CMS solution like WordPress for example. That is well-suited for the beginners. And there are several e-commerce engines compatible with it like woocommerce...
But, if you're into good ol' coding, it might be better to look for easily integrated solutions such as ecwid or symbiostock and alike.
Anyway, good luck with your beginnings! This is so exciting to create something by yourself! ;)
0 Trevor Casey · March 4, 2016
Hello! It will be better for you if you use Shopify website builder. There are also some great templates for it on  website. You will be able to make a website on your own in such a way
0 Eddie Moskowitz · April 5, 2016
I opt for buying premium responsive themes with pre-installed Magento based solutions. Although the vast majority of WordPress themes are not built specially for the type of business I pursue myself in, I've had better luck with getting impressive themes and templates exactly matching my needs, at Beautiful collections they have got there. The only question I have is whether all of popular shopping cart solutions are equally good when it comes to SEO?
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