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0 Patrick McCann · September 19, 2014
Hi there people of the internet,

I'm Patrick, 13 from Australia. I'm mainly here to help beginners get a head start in Java (Which I've been learning for over 8 months), and to make myself a better programmer. I started programming in year 5 (11 at the time), just doing JavaScript and experimenting. I made a pretty decent (relative to skill level) game, but time has lost it. I stopped halfway through year 6 as the experience got stale. However, that same year, in Christmas holidays, I was very bored. I took out my laptop and searched for a tutorial on Java. Around an hour after searching, I found the greatest source known; thenewboston.

Fast forward to now, I'm getting interested in C and C++ for game development (Motivation would be appreciated). I'm currently on a 6 hour road trip and am reading up on C. I was expecting myself to write more but I'm stumped. I guess I can give a quote to fellow young programmers;

"Age is nothing more than a number"
- Me. #shakespeare

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0 Gary Murphy · September 19, 2014
Hi Patrick,
Welcome to Buckys Room.
0 Predrag Kostic · September 19, 2014
"With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone."
-Oscar Wilde

Welcome to BuckysRoom!
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