so hi everyone

+1 gerben b · September 19, 2014
Hello everyone,

My name is Gerben, I'm from the Netherlands.
I always was interested in programming and making games. Made games with Flash years ago, but never really knew much about the coding.
Right now I'd like to change that and I am interested in JAVA especially. Hopefully I will get into it more and understand it better than I did with any other programming language in the past!

So I will be looking around here, probably mainly posting questions. But I hope to one day answer some too!


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0 Gary Murphy · September 19, 2014
Hello Gerben,
Good to have you here mate.
0 Predrag Kostic · September 19, 2014
Hi there, welcome to BuckysRoom, Java is a good choice ;D
0 gerben b · October 2, 2014

It's going slow but steady!
0 Anthony Chavez · October 4, 2014
0 Simon Piras · October 5, 2014
Hi and welcome!
0 Ray LeDuc · October 5, 2014
Hello and welcome to BuckysRoom.
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