how to immigrate from windows to Linux !! - first step ;

+3 name family · April 28, 2014
here are some steps that helps you immigrate from windows to linux OS , so here is the first step
1 )be sure that you want to do that , 
it's the most important step , that helps you become stable on using Linux OS , 
to do that , search for some live disk of different linux distros , like Ubunto , Debian , Fedora ,and ... 
boot OS from disks ! (its easy but search for that if its your first time)
then use them to see the environment and other things such as gui , or even work a little bit with that linux terminal using help command . (just to become familiar with the space ! )
search for differences between different distros , but dot let yourself get confused !! 
search for problems you may have in first time , like installing graphic drivers or proxy servers or ... 
ask different people their opinions about Linux and working with that . 
and after all of these steps , you should know your goals for changing the operating system , even if it is paying less money , or just experiencing new things ! 
for last thing , put those fear and embarrassment away ! do not scare experiencing new things and do not be shy to put those linux os aside and going back to your windows ! 
just try it one :D and keep going to the true way , it depends on you ! 
if you liked it and i should go on , just comment that , and if you didn't like that , just show thumbs down :D and i give up posting for linux :D  

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+1 Jens Heldt · May 1, 2014
And get a graphics card that has good Linux support like NVIDIA.

ATI/AMD Linux support... pfft
+2 Jens Heldt · May 1, 2014
But Intel mostly makes integrated GPUs.

And integrated graphics always equal crap.
+1 Colonel Panic · June 12, 2014
VirtualBox solves just about all issues with trying a new OS.  
0 Mathias Gunnarsson · June 23, 2014
i misstakly remade my harddrive to fat from a ntfs and now im use linux full time.
0 Jens Heldt · August 18, 2014
Yes I don't use Linux often.
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