Help please!!!!

+1 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · September 17, 2014
Help please!!!

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+1 Savad Dekrup · September 17, 2014
What do you need help about? 
0 Ty Church · September 17, 2014
you know usually stating what u need help with is alot more progressive then separately asking for help then stating your question
0 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · September 17, 2014
there is a book called object oriented programming in c++ 4th edition robert lafore...while i study this book...i found that he taik alot alot and i ...i feel that i dont understand manythings so what i should do...??? i watch bucy`s videos in c++ and i understand but im afraid that his videos doesnt cover everything in c++
0 Orvin Welchez · September 17, 2014
You get started somewhere, if you can't understand the book then watch Bucky's videos, maybe after watching them you will understand the book a little better.
0 Savad Dekrup · September 18, 2014
Stay calm, read again. And again and again until the point where you can't really understand. Go to stackoverflow, ask questions. Go out research what you don't understand. There're plenty of good resource about C++. Watch bucky's tutorials, try to image how to use and why is it important. What is your goal? Does this require to reach your goal? 

Resource: My experiences.

0 Mahmoud Abdel Ghani · September 18, 2014
thank you
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