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+1 Yannis Sp · September 16, 2014
I changed the left menu and the main home page photo.Also removed some lines that i think are so 90s :P
What do you guys think?/images/forum/upload/2014-09-16/4037430ea99b8ca74d06072996184dc0.png

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+2 Brandon Elliott · September 17, 2014
I personally liked when it had the recent posts and images on the homepage
0 Brandon Elliott · September 17, 2014
Shop and Trade aren't on the top bar anymore
0 Yannis Sp · September 17, 2014
Yeah and leave only the Donate button,because anything else is on the top bar.I think you don't need to have more than one button in a page that does something.
0 Jonah Morrison · September 17, 2014
Great idea. I think it would also look cool if he got rid of the side links all together.
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