Is MySQL Small?

0 Roody Monster · September 16, 2014
how small is mysql really? I am guessing it couldn't be used to process all of the users and text posts on facebook am I correct? At one time it was. but most likely not now I am guessing? Am I correct?

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0 Eugene Botma · September 16, 2014
MySQL is pretty powerful actually. If you had a computer of sufficient processing power storage capabilities you would easily be able to manage facebook with MySQL. The problem rather is that a single computer of that scale doesn't exist. This is why facebook created cassandra, which is a clustered transaction database (it runs over thousands of different machines as 1 program).

Since then, Oracle has released a clustered transactional MySQL version. I'm not sure how the performance compares to cassandra or neo4j, but theoretically, if you have enough computers you would be able to run facebook on MySQL

What I'm trying to say is that you can't definitely say how "small" or "large" MySQL (or any other DBMS) is, because most of them can scale to your needs.
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