Good library for making music player in python 3

+1 Jayanth Varma B · September 16, 2014
Small request guys and gals.

i want to make a small music player entirely in python.

So i am looking for a good media library in python 3.

There are more than one good libraries out ther and i am confused on which one to choose.

Any suggestions ??

If you have any good suggestions please reply.

I would be glad if you add description on why you suggest the python library.

My requirements:

  • Should definitely support Ubuntu/Linux (other platform support optional but would be glad if platform independent)

  • Should have playback, fast forward, play from where it stopped before app closed

  • should support major formats like mp3, wav, acc

  • Should be able to read meta data from audio file like author name, album etc.

You can suggest me one library or multiple libraries for the requirements. Either way is appreciated.

I am sorry if it was asking too much. Suggest me as you think it best fits.

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+1 Landon Luman · November 25, 2014
Ok, so there are built in functions for opening files in python, Bucky made many tutorials on this, so that's good. What I would recommend doing is splitting the file into an array using the built in function split(). So you can read the Meta Data as suggested, and then you can import Winsound along with Sys, which you can find here at:

These are just suggestions, but I recommend trying to check the pattern of the .wav, .mp3, and .acc, just so you know how to read the files!

-Landon :)
0 Landon Luman · November 25, 2014
And for the GUI, you can use PyGame or wxPython.. I believe Bucky did tutorials for wxPython, and wx is more complex, so that makes it better, so wx is recommended.
0 Jayanth Varma B · November 27, 2014
Thanks for your suggestion @Landon. I looked into pygame's mixer module for playing music as it was cross platform and am currently using it. I will definitely look into wxPython and Winsound for sure. But i read in a forum that Winsound is for windows only. Do you know any cross platform libraries like pygame for python 3 ? Thanks again :)
0 Landon Luman · November 28, 2014
   import winsound
except ImportError:
   import os
   def playsound(frequency,duration):
       #apt-get install beep
       os.system('beep -f %s -l %s' % (frequency,duration))
   def playsound(frequency,duration):

This will work for any platform, I think, I got this off of stack overflow. 
And for Pygame installation on a Mac, here is a link
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