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+6 name family · April 28, 2014
hey guys , 
could you do something to have comment on comment , i mean i wana comment on your comment , click on comment and the new one would go under your comment with a space , 
its hard a little bit to explain that but its just like a tree , my comment on your comment will go under you comment :D :))) say the same thing twice :D 
i think they call it Threaded Comment :D and ill put an image of that : /images/forum/c754b88079b3ae756137552379d093c3.png

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+3 Jacob G · May 14, 2014
Maybe the ability to like comments as well.
+1 Gregory Ballantine · April 30, 2014
That's a cool idea! It would be a very neat feature to have :)
+1 Jonah Morrison · June 1, 2014
It would also be nice if you could like comments.
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