little trick with little piece of code !!

+3 name family · April 28, 2014
hey every one , 
whether  you are new to html/css or an old master , and you are using your notepad and a browser to design your webpages , it maybe bother you to use that ctrl+tab   (to change your active window) and pressing that F5 key (to refresh) to see the changes of your design in that browser ! use this little piece of code on your html head and save it and reload your browser JUST for one time ! and after that , after any changes you make in your source code , just push that ctrl+S (to save the changes)and wait for 5 sec or less (you can customize it below  ) to see the changes in browser , so ;
1 ) put this code on your source code , under the head of your html , 

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="15"> 

2)customize the time you should wait to see the changes under content attribute 
3) save your source code 
4) refresh your browser for last time 
5 ) from now on , any change in the source will automatically appear in your browser , after you save it !! 

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0 name family · June 7, 2014
yeah !!
but there are many classic coders between my friends !!! they just use notepad and a browser !!
so sorry if its kinda useless :(
tnx for sharing ideas !!
+2 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 7, 2014
i agree with nahiyan, brackets offers that kind o' feature, so does live reload
+3 Nahiyan Alamgir · June 4, 2014
Clever trick but you can also try out Adobe Brackets. It's a text editor which lets you see live changes.
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