Any Free Video Compositing Software?

+5 Roody Monster · September 15, 2014
I want to get into doing some video compositing and CGI. I really want to try out some free software before I buy After Effects or something really expensive. Any ideas?

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+4 Buddy Blackford · September 15, 2014
if you want to try it out there are free trials for adobe products.  Blender is also free for cgi.  Lightworks is free for video editing.  
0 Encik Sejati · October 11, 2014
I prefer sony vegas pro ...cuz u will know every detail about video ..... i mean i try to encode the video same type file or whatever ..using sony vegas my frame rate become slower and if using adobe after effect it easy so make ur choice
0 Eloi Francis · December 19, 2014
Blackmagic Design: Fusion 

Integrated 2D and 3D compositing and motion graphics software with a massive toolset featuring paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, multiple keyers including Primatte, an amazing 3D particle system, advanced keyframing, GPU acceleration, and support for importing and rendering 3D models and scenes from other applications. Technical support available via the Blackmagic Design community forums.

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